Make your own bookshelf

There are so many elements at this time is the shops, that making a shelf is almost child's play. It is enough to acquire two or more rails (amount that will depend on the length of the shelves), the corresponding brackets, screws, plugs suitable to the circumference of the hole in the rails and ... .man to the work.

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To do it, you must calculate on the wall the length of the shelves. It depends on what you are going to put in them. You must bear in mind that to hold large weights, such as books, the distance between the rails is not suitable to exceed 50 centimeters to avoid the tables or stools make that "belly" so annoying that it does not look good.
But if you are going to use it for small and light things, like ornaments or something like that, the distance may be longer. This consideration is also valid so that you can determine the thickness of the wood, which is as important as the distance between the rails.
Another thing that you should keep in mind when making your own bookshelf, is that when placing the shelves do not be covered or hindered a light key or an outlet. It is also very important that you verify that where you are going to drill to build the shelf there are no light, gas or water pipes because if you break any of them you could cause a real disaster that endangers your own life and that of others .
Continuing with the construction of the bookshelf, there is another point that you should keep in mind. And it's the length of the rails. This length will depend on the number of shelves and the separation they will have between them. These data are essential to determine the aforementioned length.
When you assemble it and have already fixed the first rail, you must hook a bracket and place a shelf over it and, with the help of another person, you must mark a location of the last rail based on the leveling of the shelf (you must use the level for this of water or air). Then, you must install the intermediate rails, marking the height based on the shelf temporarily supported.
The use of rails and metal brackets allows you to regulate and modify the height of the shelves at ease and necessity.
Dare and build your own bookcase to your liking!

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