Make use of your old stairs

The crisis sharpens the wit ... and I think it's great! Thanks to this a new trend has been born, and it is to use those things that we have at home and do not use, like old stairs. And this article is dedicated to it. Let's see the different and multiple uses that can be given to this element.

Make use of your old stairs

Hanging, shelving, planter, bookstore, coat rack .... Any use that we give will be good in the environment that we place it.

Decoration with stairs 2

Decoration with stairs 3

Of course the bathroom is great to use to hang towels or clothes the next day, and if it has steps, as a shelf for daily use is great.

Decoration with stairs 4

Decoration with stairs 5

These ideas are also very good. If we put some shelves between its steps, or an upper shelf, we have a very useful shelf or a desk with useful legs.

Decoration with stairs 6

Decoration with stairs 7

Of course it can also be used outdoors, as a planter or as a support shelf for the porch.

The uses that we can give depends on what happens to our imagination and the needs we have at home. A bookshelf for those books that we have nowhere to put, or as an exhibitor of photos or pictures, or anything that comes to mind ... As storage, with boxes or as decoration, always looks good.

Decoration with stairs 8

In vertical or horizontal, as we like or as we need. It is an original and very fashionable idea to recycle the things that we have at home and that we do not take advantage of on a day to day basis, so encourage us because recycling is topical and it is a safe bet!

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