Make the most of your washbasin cabinet

Keeping the bathroom in order is one of the purposes we always have in mind, but how difficult it is to put it into practice! Well, as everything in this life is a matter of getting down to work, doing and not thinking is how the problems are solved. If you are lucky enough to have a washbasin cabinet you already have a lot of progress and if it is as great as these you will see down then the truth, not having the bathroom well organized becomes a real crime.

Make the most of your washbasin cabinet

These furniture with so many drawers and departments allow you to have all those objects and products that we usually use in the bathroom out of sight. You can also order them by functions, uses and people. The system you choose should be the one that makes you feel most comfortable. The open shelves are convenient to leave them for towels and bathrobes, clothes in general that do not bother to look like jars and boats.

Make the most of your sink cabinet 1

Here we have another more fantastic example if it fits with that pair of large closets on the sides. As we see here, shelves have also been left open for textiles. Of course, with a piece of furniture like this everything should be well kept and in order.

Make the most of your sink cabinet 2

Floating washbasin cabinets are secured to the wall or walls and leave all part of the floor free. In these cases, lighting in that area will increase the brightness of the bathroom and create a very interesting environment of cleanliness and spaciousness.

Make the most of your sink cabinet 3

Sometimes we can adapt our favorite furniture for use as a washbasin cabinet. Or we can customize the one we have acquired by placing a shelf at the bottom as we see here. Of course it will depend on the height of the legs and the free space they leave but we do not need as much to put a couple of towels.

Make the most of your sink cabinet 4

As you can see, it is very easy to take advantage of these washbasin cabinets, whether large or small. The key is to know what we should store in the closed departments and in the drawers and what to leave in the open shelves. What most impacts visually when we enter a bathroom is the accumulation of bottles, jars and jars that we usually have on the countertop. Withdrawing these from sight we have a lot of livestock. On the other hand, the towels are very good and very pleasing to the eye.

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