Majestic and relaxing interiors in mint color

The mint color is a variety of green characterized by a subtlety out of the ordinary . As tonality can be used both on walls and any accessory or furniture that forms part of the interior of a space. It is also a tone of the so-called "pastel colors ", For that softness that it gives off, being thus very appropriate for all kinds of scenarios, from kitchens to bathrooms, living rooms or bedrooms.


In the first image, and from the wall, the mint green blends with the colors of the tree leaves of each painting, the curtains, the prints and small accessories that populate this beautiful room with such a timeless air. It is a color full of sweetness and also bright . For this next corner is very flattering and relaxing, do not you think?



Mint green catches the view from the walls of this kitchen with a unique, modern and retro style at the same time. Among the colors that combine with the mint green, are the White , the blue or the yellow (not too loud). But it is just as valid to dare with other ranges and try a little to create new environments.


Another color option is to mix green with golden shades , as in the following two proposals: a dining room and bedroom with a majestic aspect enhanced by those small gold strokes. The clarity of mint green makes these spaces unique and grandiose. A beauty, is not it?




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