Magical and delicate interiors in pastel colors

The pastel colors They are related to quiet, soft and a little infantilized environments. That is why they are usually the colors chosen to decorate the children's room, for its soothing effects and its more delicate designs. We talk about colors like pink, light blue, navy, cream or salmon, but there are many more, as many as the many combinations of all colors with fifty percent white, the base color for all pastel range .

Ideas decorated in pastel colors 01

These are some chosen interiors that have been decorated with pastel shades, enhancing their nuances of resting place, recreational, charming, a "naif" point, another more romantic, but always suggestive and fascinating. We present some rooms decorated with style, to get lost in them and be seduced by its irresistible charm in pastel colors.

The thumbnail details of both photographs (upper and lower) are reminiscent of story places. The combination of colors where blue, violet and pink stand out is explosive: it is difficult not to be enchanted by these spontaneous and happy interiors.

Ideas decorated in pastel colors 02

Ideas decorated in pastel shades 03

They are places with a lot of charm. The chromatic ranges chosen and the special details that make them invite you to enter the game they propose: relax thanks to its color, enjoy its decoration and feel special surrounded by a decoration so careful and personal.

Ideas decorated in pastel tones 04

The navy blue with white and the brushstrokes of pink and sky blue show this magnificent result: youthful and modern rooms, with an air as casual as charming.

Ideas decorated in pastel colors 05

Ideas decorated in pastel shades 06

It is evident that the pastel colors relax and increase our creativity, that is why they are the most suitable for children's rooms, like those of these last proposals. Children will feel like fish in water and, adults, like children.

Ideas decorated in pastel shades 07

Ideas decorated in pastel shades 08


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