Luxury residence in Umbria

This enormous and luxurious construction is no more than one of the twelve farms that Count Antonio Bolza and his family have restored within their estate of more than a thousand hectares. The Castelo di Reschio has fifty farms that have been renovated a dozen as we said, including Arrighi Villa that we present to you next.

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The Arrighi Villa It is a magnificent retreat of over six hundred square meters and has six bedrooms, six bathrooms and a large kitchen.

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Italian luxury residence 3

Located in Umbria, the Italian region bordering on Tuscany, Arrighi Villa It is located on the top of a hill like many of these old farms, always located in strategic places. It has been renovated in its entirety under the constant supervision of Count Antonio Bolza, his children and grandchildren. The origins of the farm go back to the eleventh century and it has a large paved patio.

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In the interior, the transformation has been intense, the decor modern and practical, where straight lines prevail and the use of basic materials such as wood and iron. But structural elements in stone have been preserved that denote the antiquity of the building.

Italian luxury residence 7

Italian luxury residence 8

Italian luxury residence 9

Light colored limestone arches tell us about the ancient soul of the house, the ceilings with exposed wooden beams contrast with the white of the walls and many of the furniture. A charming contrast between the old and the new elements, both architectural and ornamental.

Italian luxury residence 10

Italian luxury residence 11

Italian luxury residence 12

A great house and great work that has made this millenary farm become a comfortable and modern residence for rest and vacation. The environment is unbeatable and the exterior of the house simply adorable.


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