Luxury bathrooms in black

The black color shines like never before in the decoration of these eight bathrooms deluxe. The manager of such spectacular design, striking the least, is the signature Stemik Living . Its furniture has been manufactured entirely in Italy, a country whose high design range is inspired.

Bathrooms in black 1

Tiles and furniture lacquered in black, many mirrors, chandeliers and whirlpool baths are some of the most representative elements of these environments, where they wanted to transmit an undeniable neo-Baroque or Neo-Baroque romantic effect. A different way of decorating the bathroom, away from the most classic and simple tastes, of course, and with an ornate yet contemporary air that makes them timeless places.

Bathrooms in black 2

Bathrooms in black 3

Bathrooms in black 4

But in addition to black there are other colors, such as white or red, that are suitable as a glove in these exquisite atmospheres. Also the wood has presence, reinforcing the environments and giving them an imposing appearance. The lighting is enhanced by numerous lamps scattered throughout the ceiling, the classic chandeliers, "spider" style, and the "waterfall lamps", of the utmost luxury.

Bathrooms in black 5

Bathrooms in black 6

It also reinforces this aspect of abundance with beautiful designer furniture, full-length mirrors, velvet seats, metal stools and large rugs. Eight bathrooms designed, in short, to experiment creating new and voluptuous scenarios.

Bathrooms in black 7

Bathrooms in black 8


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