Luxury apartment with minimalist inspiration in Moscow

Located in the residential complex "Sparrow Hills" of Moscow, this luxury apartment is a good example of the work of the new wave of Russian designers . The latest trends in interior design in this country have multiple influences and focus more on exquisite and minimalist decorations which aim to present a comfortable and spacious home.

Minimalism in the Russian style 1

For this, the designer Alexandra Fedorova has created a fresh, bright and with a very clear softness in the color palette: earth tones (beige, brown and gray), a base in white-bone color , Y simple-geometric finishes for all the furniture.

Minimalism in the Russian style 2

Minimalism in the Russian style 3

The contrast between dark wood and other modern textures gives it that necessary point of balance between the classic and the modern. Thus, we find glass furniture, upholstery reinforced in leather and many more sober fabrics for the configuration of environments.

Minimalism in the Russian style 4

Minimalism in the Russian style 5

Above all, it is about creating interiors where a very special mundane tranquility flows, indicated for the rest of the hectic urban life. The most outstanding details focus on flower arrangements, charcoal drawings and large surfaces with mirrors. A luxury of residence that has nothing to envy to the minimalist interiors of the oriental culture. Here you can also breathe that Zen calm and that taste for decorative simplicity, but without skimping on comfort. In short, a beautiful residence!

Minimalism Russian style 6

Minimalism in the Russian style 7


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