Luxurious natural minimalism

This residence in Oakville - Ontario takes the luxury to the extreme. Is a minimalist design to the maximum where the extra large rooms, the windows that replace walls and doors and the free space abound where you look.

Luxury minimalism 1

The main room is the most retro and original space in the house. Starting with the original design of the bed that is submerged in the platform. The lamp is formed by a combination of spotlights of photo sessions. The touch of orange is imposed by the desk chairs and a small piece of furniture. The bedside clock and the black and white images of famous cities are the final touch to complement the minimalist decoration with a retro look

Luxury minimalism 2

Even the stairs have an impressive design. As you can see, the stairwell is used to make a natural decorative composition.

Throughout the house, minimalism, featuring cold colors and straight cuts, is contrasted with touches of natural decoration, such as walls and soles with brown tones or the use of stones. In addition, the views of the exterior are made the most of thanks to the absence of walls, thus enhancing the effect that contrasts the mix between an idyllic nature that surrounds the luxurious residence.

Luxury minimalism 3

Luxury minimalism 4

As expected it is designed to cover all needs, so it also has a large gym, wine bar, several bathrooms and lounges, work space and much more.

Luxury minimalism 5

The kitchen, the dining room and the main living room share an open space, delimited on both sides by long windows that completely replace the wall.

Luxury minimalism 6

Luxury minimalism 7

The main hall continues the sober and minimalist design. The arch lamp stands out as a decorative item that is a current trend that is widely used in famous television programs and stores specializing in interior decoration. This lamp is a safe acquisition since it fits in most environments, available in white or black marble.

This exclusive residence is not available to everyone, but it is loaded with great ideas for your home.


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