Luminous receivers decorated in white

With the arrival of summer it seems that one is glad that his house burst with light, the luminosity of the interior becomes a reflection of the exterior brightness. And since the hall is the first impression that one receives when arriving at a house, it is necessary that it reflects the light that we want to permeate the interior of our house. In this article we show you some decorations of receivers in white color. The first impression counts and a lot, so if our reception is cheerful and bright, it will transmit good sensations to our visitors.

Blank receivers 1

This rustic style entrance hall is warm and inviting, the dark wood floor and the carpets transmit warmth. The walls painted in white reflect the light that enters through the door and give clarity and luminosity to the whole.

Blank receivers 2

Blank receivers 3

Up two more variants of rustic style, the warmth and luminosity are not at all opposed, on the contrary they are complementary and are very natural.

Blank receivers 4

A more refined style also gains a lot with good exterior lighting and walls painted in white. The just touches of color so that it is not a monotonous space complete this hall so noble.

Blank receivers 5

A checkered floor is an ideal complement to this hall so open to the outside. The windows allow the passage of a large amount of light which makes it possible to have those luxuriant plants in their large pots.

Blank receivers 6

Blank receivers 7

There are many possibilities to create a bright and full of life hall. The rustic style in white is also much warmer than other styles even using neutral or cold colors.


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