Luc-2 for all ceilings

The Luc-2 system is composed of top quality materials. It is a system formed and made on site, forming a membrane of approximately 4 mm, which allows to solve the problems of any type of roof.


An example of sheet metal ceilings, among which we can name zinc, pre-painted, fiber cement, or tile in its different types: French, American, slates and Portuguese. This system recovers them without the need to remove them, with a clean and fast installation process.
So this product gives the roof impermeability, having as an advantage its flexibility before the thermal amplitudes. In addition, it presents an exceptional resistance to structural stresses as well as to the punching.
Once the roof has been repaired, regardless of the surface it has, it can be painted in a wide range of colors you can choose, achieving a job that will give life to your roof.


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