Low cost housing construction system

In many places of the world the important thing is not how beautiful your house is but having a house that you can call yours and that protects you from the elements of nature. But sometimes beauty is also there, in simple homes that are easy to build and do not require large investments in time or money. Since 1986, a South African company has been developing its own technology for the construction of durable and economic housing.

Low cost housing construction system 1

Moladi is the company that has developed this technology that respects the environment and has managed to build decent homes for people with fewer resources. It is no longer a matter of putting a roof over the roof for people to shelter, it is about creating a clean and healthy environment where people with few resources can develop a healthy life.

Low cost housing construction system 2

The construction system of the company Moladi is based on enabling the construction of a house without having to resort to heavy machinery or need the services of qualified personnel. With its construction system based on the use of formwork molds made of recycled and reusable plastic, up to 50 times, a small house can be built in two scarce days. And the necessary work force for this are four unskilled pawns. They can easily move and assemble the formwork and fill it with concrete and steel rods to reinforce the assembly in a few hours.

Low cost housing construction system 3

The resulting construction is tremendously solid, reinforced concrete, it can withstand the inclemencies of weather and earthquakes of some magnitude. It can be built anywhere, even in remote areas by not requiring machinery or electricity.

Photos: designboom.com

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