Low budget ideas to renovate the living room

The new year seems to push us always to try a lot of new projects but of course the budget does not always agree with the intention. In this article we will see some ideas to renovate our living or living room so that our pocket does not suffer more than it usually is at this time of year.


The first thing we should do is collect and order the living room. Something so basic will give a new look and if we also remove the superfluous elements or decorative objects and modify the layout of the furniture we will have given a new air without spending anything.


If we want to take another step in the transformation of our living we can choose to paint it. A change of color on the walls makes the room look new even if it has the same furniture.


In the case that we can afford some more we can acquire a piece of furniture with color that will completely transform the decoration.


It is not necessary that everything in the room is expensive and luxurious but if we can afford it, a good option is to include some quality furniture, some fabric or a decorated paper. They will produce a great visual impact and we can save by accompanying them with other furniture or cheaper objects.


Squeeze your head a little and look for decorative objects that we surely have saved. And we always have our ingenuity to devise new decorative objects. Old photographs that we can expand, DIY simple craftsmanship, thinking and searching we will find appropriate solutions to our concrete case.


If we are not afraid of DIY, we can achieve true wonders by adapting and remodeling old furniture. Some kinds of upholstery can work miracles in our living room.


Painting our own works of art is not such an outlandish idea or asking the artist of the family to give us a hand.


Carpets are a great decorative resource. We can find carpets to cover any decorative need and in a huge range of prices. We will always make sure that the carpet is big enough when we are going to place furniture on it, there should be a good part around it.


If we collect any type of objects it is also a great idea to use them as decorative elements. Ordered by shapes or colors they can cover any gap in the decoration of our living room and in a charming way.


Renewing the textile is another of the resources used to renovate the living room decoration without having to spend too much. The pillowcases, the curtains, tablecloths and others are great allies when you have to remodel the decoration of our living room.

Photos: bhg.com

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