Lovely attic rooms for children

If you live in an attic or in a house with a gabled roof, you can install the children's room at the top. With these charming attic rooms for children you will have enough inspiration to start projecting yours.


This space with the lower ceilings is ideal for children. In addition, the feeling of welcome is always greater.


You can also create a game room if you are not convinced about having them so far away at night.


As you can see, there are real cute things for both girls and boys.


Even for the smallest spaces. The size here can be used much better when the children are still small.


The peculiar architectures of the sloping ceilings are a plus in the decoration of these spaces.


You may think that these types of rooms are too dark but with all the assortment of roof windows that we can find today this does not necessarily have to be that way.


And if you stay near your room you can even put your baby's room. As long as they are both on the same floor, it is not at all comfortable to walk up stairs at night.


The rooms for girls can also be different. If you do not like pink try this inspiration in white and gray. Very current.


Sometimes pink can be introduced tangentially and soberly. With rustic wood creates a nice contrast.


Two little sisters together at night looking at the starry space.


For children we always end up with the typical blue but there are very different ways of approaching it.


Fun and imaginative so that they feel like in a castle.


But red will also look great in a room for children. Let's not forget that fire trucks are red!


Your baby surely rests so richly in this cozy and warm space.


Painting the blue ceiling can be a fantastic and refreshing way to introduce the color in a room attic for children.

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