Love as part of the decoration

Let's start from the basis that love must be present in our lives in any way, without love life is not possible. Now in decoration a touch of romanticism is important and for many people even unavoidable. We understand that every decoration must contain love, love for beauty, harmony and because we are working in our home that should be the source and shelter of our love. By this we mean that any decoration we make with all our interest and effort will contain love to the force.

Romantic style details 1

But sometimes some people may want that love to be more visible, here comes the romantic style with its classic touches of color and shapes. It may be a topic for some people but for others it will simply be tender and adorable. The fundamental color in a romantic decoration is the rose but as everything can be used in many ways . With pleasure and horribly, used in its proper measure and well combined can result a cheerful color and very relaxing . At the same time that as a variant of red it is an energizing color.

Romantic style details 2

The flowers They are another essential element in all romantic style decoration. Spread throughout the house, they are a constant joy and an extra contribution of color and aroma in your home. There is no need to leave the monthly budget at the florist, some wild flowers, a few from the garden, there are many options without ending in mercantilism.

Romantic style details 3

A great idea for a good romantic environment, what is it that a woman loves most? Apart from of course her children and her partner, their handbags . So instead of hiding them when you do not use them you can hang them as an exhibition in a prominent place. They are your bags and you must show them all at once, at least at home.

Romantic style details 4

The romantic style he noticed the vintage long before the modern styles, in the romantic style they have always fit those little ones family objects inherited from grandparents and spinster aunts. Some old silver objects on an old sideboard is pure romantic style that is also curiously current.


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