Lounges with Bohemian style

The bohemian style It can be a very eclectic style. It has room for elements of other trends, which come together and mix to create a new style full of incredible suggestions. Objects of the most innovative art and the most diverse fabrics come together in these halls of marked cosmopolitan character. These are some ideas to create bohemian style rooms.

Bohemian style livings 1

The old and the new can create environments as renewed and special as the following. Paintings, paintings and photographs can be superimposed on the walls to create compositions of great beauty and personality. To this is added a ramshackle and unique furniture that underlines that urban nuance that is so fashionable in these environments.

Bohemian Style Livings 2

But Bohemian can also be a space apparently more neat and modern, like the one in the upper image, full of artistic references, leather sofas, glass tables and retro objects. We can also highlight this bohemian trend with ethnic decorations, like this beautiful Moroccan-inspired lounge full of craft items:

Bohemian style livings 3

Bohemian and colorful is the next room, in which the eclectic is very present. The energy of the colors, the inspiration of the walls and the personality of the accessories that make it up offer a distinguished and at the same time casual look:

Bohemian style livings 4

In this other space, the artistic takes center stage and gives rise to a space full of very different details. There are earth tones, but also elements that put the note of color and create a very personal and elegant space.

Bohemian Style Livings 5

Finally we find this bohemian and rustic room, simple and very urban. A frankly inspired environment in which the apparent simplicity of the objects makes the space look cozy and authentic.

Bohemian style Livings 6

Photos: shelterathome.com

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