Lounges of style 'boho-chic'

The style known as "Boho-chic" , a name used above all in the fashion world, defines a stylistic tendency influenced by the "Flower-power" from the hippie world to the most bohemian decorative currents . In this style there is no lack rustic elements , accessories of ethnic origin , textures very varied and one color palette It goes from the most neutral tones such as gray and beige to much warmer and more intense colors such as red or violet.

Boho chic lounges 1

To create an authentic "boho-chic" room we can take advantage of multiple objects and small accessories that are what will give the final bohemian tone to these spaces. We are facing a decorative style that is characterized by its great eclecticism, so we can use everything we can think of, without fear of mixing and reinventing spaces.

Boho chic rooms 2


Wicker baskets and esparza fabrics, mythical puffs and seats at ground level, colorful prints, natural elements such as plants, flowers and branches, ethnic paintings, vintage clocks, stools and old furniture ... These are just some ideas that you can see in these images, but that will help you to make them an opinion of all the resources that can be used in this style where the taste of the old reaches a special role, with a very elegant point.

Boho chic rooms 4

It is an eclectic style because it adapts to all surfaces, from industrial environments to more classic ones, giving rise to very particular spaces. The elegance of the traditional joins the beauty of the most bohemian and picturesque nuances, added to the vintage and even the rustic.

Boho chic rooms 5

Photos: thecottagemarket.com

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