Looking at the sea I dreamed ...

This house, modern and functional, is located in an idyllic enclave where the mountains reach the seashore. A beautiful place located in the Catalan town of Tossa de Mar, on the Costa Brava, in Spain. The house takes advantage of the divine place to the fullest, life abroad is enhanced by a wide array of amenities that allow you to enjoy these privileged views to the fullest. The mild meditarranean climate allows you to take advantage of these outdoor facilities during most of the year.

A dream house by the sea 01

Of course this dream house with its privileged location is a fantastic place to look at the sea and to dream as the old song by Jorge Sepúlveda said. An open construction to be able to enjoy to the fullest all that this paradisiac place offers. The blue of the Mediterranean, alive and bright, permeates the entire environment of the house.

A dream house by the sea 02

A place to live unforgettable moments, to meet or to get lost. You almost smell the sea seeing these beautiful images, the warmth of the warm sun seems to warm the atmosphere around me.

A dream house by the sea 03

The modern and functional kitchen oozes quality and sophistication like the rest of the house. A house with clean and clear lines, open and practical.

A dream house by the sea 04

The bedroom with those huge glass panels, which can hardly be called walls, is completely open to the outside. The big screen of reality eclipses and leaves a little ridiculous to the technological screen installed on the ceiling.

A dream house by the sea 05

Can anyone work in this office? It is unheard of for any person to be able to inhibit themselves from those precious sights in order to concentrate on something superficial however it may be. Oteando the sea as the captain of a huge vessel, the view is lost in infinity. A place to relax the tired urban eyes so badly used to look closely. Here, on the other hand, the eyes can reach the maximum, the gaze moves away until the curve of the horizon.

A dream house by the sea 06

A dream house by the sea 07

The pool merges with the sea, hammocks, sun loungers and seats to rest, to admire the beauty and peace of the environment. The dull sound of the sea and the resinous smell of the pines mixed with the sea salt, create a bubble of sensory isolation.

A dream house by the sea 08

A dream house by the sea 09

Looking at the sea I dreamed ... that my next vacation had to be in this luxury tourist enclave. Dreaming is within reach of anyone and if it is not in this place of postín, surely there will be some other more affordable and the sea will be the same and the air will smell the same.

Photos: homedsgn.com

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