Living rooms decorated in emerald green

The emerald green It was the color of the 2013 season, but that does not mean we can not keep using it to decorate whenever we want. It is a color so cozy and transmits so much serenity that it is difficult to resist him and not include it in any way in the different spaces of the house.

Livings in emerald green 1

Its mystery, its romanticism and its depth make it one of the most appreciated ranges of green for lovers of decoration. The most unconditional are clear: emerald green is the ideal color to decorate the room.

Livings in emerald green 2

Livings in emerald green 3

It is a color that can be introduced in many different ways, either by dominating the space from the walls or by small brush strokes. In this sense, objects and accessories will be the best allies to decorate with this beautiful color. Choose it to decorate curtains, vases, chairs or tables, pots ... the room will look much more stylish.

Livings in emerald green 5

Livings in emerald green 6

Also, within the emerald green there are different color graduations. Although it is a green that tends to be dark, sometimes it can look more resplendent, depending a little on the mixture.

Livings in emerald green 4

Livings in emerald green 7

As for the colors with the best combination, it is a very versatile color. We can use it quietly next to white, black, violet, earth tones, the range of roses, blues and with some pastel tone. In any case, the inspiration achieved will be maximum.

Livings in emerald green 8

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