Living in a barn

Reconvert a space as a barn old in a home is one of those projects that undoubtedly draw attention. An original initiative that can solve part of the problem of finding adequate and affordable housing.

From barn to home 1

This project, in particular, is located in Amagansett, a coastal town in the state of New York. The stylist Tiina Laakkonen and her husband Jon Rosen built this beautiful house from an old barn of the mid-twentieth century. The couple was helped by a specialized team of twenty people, thanks to whom the old barn was enabled to reside in it. Several rooms were created, a couple of offices for the work of Tiina and Jon, a huge living room with kitchen, a dining room and another extra sitting area.

From barn to home 2

From barn to home 3

The resulting home is incredibly spacious and full of clarity, mainly thanks to the use of white, but also to avoid having to reload spaces with countless furniture or superfluous decorations. It has maintained basic, simple and, above all, natural and inspired equipment.

From barn to home 4

In short, a modern house in gray, white and black tones full of classic pieces and natural materials such as wood or wicker. To this we must add a careful selection of special designs from Finland, the country from which Tiina originates. A perfect place to get lost and disconnected, within a new concept of sustainable housing.

From barn to home 6


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