Live inside a sculpture

The project "habitable sculpture" is the dream of any designer, the lucky recipient of this commission was the Canadian architect Jean-Maxime Labrecque. His project awarded with two important prizes in 2011 was to fill an empty space of 75 square meters with a module that contained all the elements necessary to live. The premises from which he had to start his project was to create a cold space and assimilated to an art gallery.

A house inside a sculpture 1

The architect was therefore with absolute freedom, no feeling of warmth or cozy space. Everything was therefore reduced to pure pragmatism, to create a module that contained all the necessary elements for the life of a person without more.

A house inside a sculpture 2

The metal modules in raw aluminum as if they were a sculpture by Donald Judd contain everything you need, from the bed to the kitchen. Linear, naked and without concessions to humanity, as if the house were to be inhabited by an artificial entity.

A house inside a sculpture 3

And despite everything is beautiful, polished concrete and aluminum create a clean and clear environment where the exterior light reverberates on all surfaces. A luminous space where reflections count as much as reality itself.

A house inside a sculpture 4

The most important point is the saving of space and functionality, seeing the images one does not just believe that we are only seeing a loft of 75 square meters, on the contrary it gives a feeling of enormous amplitude. It is as if the space had expanded, it seems much larger than it is.

A house inside a sculpture 5

The extreme simplicity or the beauty of the straight line. A place to live that does not look like a home and despite everything has an extraordinary charm. As always, simplicity is the hardest thing to reproduce.

A house inside a sculpture 6

And something that is not usually talked about in this world of design, the extreme ease with which you should be able to clean this house. The dream of anyone dedicated to maintenance and cleaning.


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