Live among lush vegetation

Some of the best places to live, the homes most appreciated and acting as shelters that bring us peace and tranquility are those that breathe life and light. When a house is near an area with dense vegetation the inhabitants instantly feel the beneficial effect of it. It is hard to resist their charms. The more oxygen there is in the environment of the house, the better. A perfectly balanced home is a house surrounded by lush vegetation where you can enjoy a beautiful view, fresh, warm and comfortable air.

A house immersed in vegetation 1

Located in the neighborhood of Dunbar-Southlands, Vancouver, this house designed by the DIALOG architectural studio stands on the structure of a previous home. Surrounded by greenery and with its own stream that flows under the house, despite its rugged appearance is near the great city of Vancouver. All a dream to live near all kinds of services as if you lived in the deepest recesses of nature.

A house immersed in vegetation 2

It is a modern house immersed within the current currents of minimalism. Outside, we have worked with raw cement panels that contrast markedly with the forest surrounding the house. On the inside, as a reflection of that exuberant exterior, wood has been used profusely for the roof structure above all.

A house immersed in vegetation 3

As we see meets the most fashionable materials, cement, wood and metal. Beams and steel pillars are what form the framework on which the wooden roof rests. Interlocking stainless steel braces have just given that industrial air that is so much worn now.

A house immersed in vegetation 4

A house immersed in vegetation 5

The house, as it could not be less with those exteriors, is completely open to the outside through large windows that occupy entire walls and skylights that allow the passage of light through the trees.

A house immersed in vegetation 6

A real luxury to enjoy the peace that this house transmits with its extraordinary location and with that simple and clean structure that it has.


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