Little budget ?, it's not a problem

The spaces decorated in eclectic style can be easily changed according to the mood, inspiration and budget. The budget, precisely, is perhaps the biggest drawback when it comes to changing the decor but it is possible to find objects and textures to make adjustments to low prices and thus satisfy our need for change. In this gallery of decorative proposals you can see some original ideas that can inspire your imagination and unleash your creativity.

Decoration with little budget 1

Photocopies of cutlery made on a scale of 200% and framed in simple black frames can be a fantastic decoration for a kitchen or a dining room. You will achieve a great graphic effect with very little economic expense.

Decoration with a small budget 2

Do you want to change your coasters? These decorative tiles or any other that you find with an original design can be a good option to change your already seen coasters.

Decoration with a little budget 3

Covering a wall with a picture when you do not have a lot of money can be a bit frustrating. But if you find a piece of wallpaper that you like because of its design and color you can frame it and hang it on the wall. A tribute to industrial design.

Decoration with a small budget 4

Terracotta pots or even plastic can be transformed into beautiful decorative objects with a little paint and a lot of creativity. Another decorative option of very low budget.

Decoration with a little budget 5

The curtains, that decorative object that can destroy your nerves, can be replaced by simple strips of linen cut to size and without worrying about making seams. Framed photographs with simple black frames are the perfect contrast for that curtain so simple and natural.

Decoration with a small budget 6

The white bedding can be dyed with markers and alcohol, that effect is achieved that we have all known sometime when we have left the marker in the pocket of the shirt. An irregular mauve tone of faded effect that is tremendously original.

Decoration with a little budget 7

Sisal carpets, furniture recovered and renovated with a layer of paint. An inexpensive industrial line lamp that has been given a more current look by coating the electrical cable with pink fluorescent tape. Small steps that allow us to renew a decoration without undermining our savings.


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