'Liquid Light', natural lamps

"Liquid Light" , the work of the young Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvær , is part of a larger project inspired by still life. The lamps belonging to this series are based on those used by eighteenth-century cobblers to work in the dark. A tribute to an era in which current technology was still far away, so ingenuity was imposed on the lack of resources.

Liquid Light 1 lamps

The lamps that we see in these images consist of a circular glass vessel that amplifies the light of a small candle located on one side of the set. In the interior of this container, in addition to water, there may be leaves, aquatic plants or colored liquids, hence they are considered as lamps of a still life.

Liquid Light 2 lamps

The water inside works like a lens that projects light and expands it, obtaining this type of intimate lighting. A wooden saucer not only takes care of collecting the wax of the candle so that it does not stain any surface, it also allows us to transport this small lantern wherever we want.

Liquid Light 3 lamps

A simple mechanism, as you see, created with that wit that wakes up in moments of maximum need. The beautiful light emitted by these lamps was responsible for entertaining the evenings in many homes before the invention of electricity. Nowadays they can also be practical, or rather curious, as a decorative complement more. We can use them as a centerpiece or to light our nights from a small table.

Liquid Light 4 lamps

Liquid Light 5 lamps

For this and other works, its creator has been nominated for several consecutive years to several important awards in the world of design, which has taken one or another. The idea does not cease to be surprising and to have its charm, especially for that return to the origins, to the creation of small everyday objects made with such simplicity and ingenuity.

Liquid Light 6 lamps

Photos: kristinefivemelvaer.com

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