Lighting to live better

Lighting, today is synonymous with psychological comfort. It helps us to obtain a better quality of life and fully develops the possibilities that our home or place of work offers us.


Many times very well designed or equipped spaces are not adequately illuminated and, at night, all economic and design effort is undeserved.
A short time ago, there were no technical or economic answers to solve lighting problems. Currently, the lighting designer has the possibility of managing light with complex technical elements,
unthinkable a few years ago, and with agreed and acceptable costs.
There is an important change in this specialization. The lighting designer is a professional who collaborates advising the architect or user to achieve essential objectives. That is to say that with the appropriate artifacts, you can accentuate details, obtain visual comfort, warmth, coldness, highlight a certain atmosphere and handle shadows, among countless possibilities.
To give an example: a kitchen lighted by means of a central device of fluorescent tubes will produce a cold sensation, where the colors are distorted by turning blue or white and producing an annoying shade when one works on the counter. This can change radically if through a warm source we illuminate only that countertop from the bottom of the kitchen cabinet and with a loop from the central mouth we carry a lamp with tulip on the kitchen table.
In this case, the effect we will achieve will be very pleasant and will invite us to stay in the new space created in this way.
Today we can talk about lighting concepts that solve defined architectural issues: resant lighting - you can paint with light - spotlights highlight or concentration, indirect lighting by reflection, lighting that does not dazzle for large areas or light effects in environments or gardens .
In a nutshell, seeking advice on lighting is helping us feel better.


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