Lighting at home

When lighting any room in our house, the first thing to keep in mind is what room it is. We will not use the same lighting for a kitchen, for a bathroom or for a living room.

Home lighting 1

In the kitchen there is a rule that we should not jump, and is to enlighten very well the work areas on the countertops and in the sink. They are areas in which we spend most of the time and therefore have to be very well illuminated with a cold white light and that does not create shadows. The ideal for this is the light of the downlight lamps.

Lighting of the home 2

For bathrooms, we can use this same light as general light, but avoid placing it in the area of ​​the mirrors, because in this area, the ideal is that we have a side light, which will prevent reflection in the mirrors and therefore, It will help to have a greater precision when it comes to makeup or shaving.

Lighting of the home 3

Returning to the kitchen, in it we can create living areas, outside the scope of work in this, such as the area where we sit down to eat. In this area we can allow a more tenuous and indirect lighting.

Household lighting 4

And we will do the same in our room. We will use indirect lights focused on what we want to highlight, whether it is a picture area or our reading area. The living room is a relaxing area, so it is not advisable to have cold lights, but warm and yellow lights.

Household lighting 5

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