Light as a natural decoration

Lighting can easily be overlooked, but it is essential for decoration. Knowing how to take advantage of the light inputs, you can transform the environments of your home in a positive way.


Light has the possibility of defining space, so they call it the fifth dimension. The most wonderful place does not look the same if it is not well lit. When we talk about this we do not refer to artificial light but to natural light. For this reason, when building your house in addition to raising artificial lighting, you must explore all the possibilities you have in order to make the most of the light inputs. A key point to achieve this is to plan the orientation of the interior windows. With this you can achieve that the light generates an environment, besides taking advantage of its functional character.


You should always remember that the ideal is for natural light to reach the center of the building, because a lot of light is just as bad as little. The intention is to plan the lighting of your house not only is to create a more pleasant environment, but also has a useful function. Therefore, you should calmly study the area you want to illuminate, always thinking about its final use. You should also bear in mind that the decoration of the room and the location of furniture and accessories will be decisive factors to define the number of points of light needed to define the number of points of light needed and the type of lighting you should use. We recommend that you try to combine the different types of lighting in the same room. The ambient light indirectly illuminates the objects, creates a warm atmosphere, while the direct lights in the precise places should be used according to real needs.
The type of lighting ideal for a space also depends on the colors of the same, since each of them highlights the colors in a different way. If you can, avoid violent contrasts, because they tire the eye. Next to a light source such as a television screen or computer, use soft light lamps.
In the bathrooms, special lighting conditions are needed, so you should illuminate the room in general. To achieve this, we recommend a light dome. In addition, you can illuminate the area of ​​the mirror with small spotlights on both sides, to obtain a correct view of the figure and avoid shadows. Following these tips you will realize the importance of choosing correctly the sources of lighting in your home and how it can make a difference in terms of comfort and decoration.
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