Light and color in 5 bedrooms for girls

Light and color are the great attractions of these five bedrooms for girls what do we bring you today? They are full of perfect details to create an ideal setting for them. Five proposals in which the created universe is youthful, cozy and shines by itself.

Rooms for girls 1

The color palette chosen retakes the taste for the colors traditionally associated with the youth and the feminine: pink, white, red and orange. But it is precisely these ranges that configure bedrooms full of life and charm. In addition to being full of decorations that give off a lot of freshness.

Rooms for girls 2

Rooms for girls 3

The furniture chosen to furnish is basic and balanced. The bedside tables fulfill their auxiliary and decorative role with simplicity; They are the perfect place to leave there all those accessories, ornaments and toys that connect the passage from childhood to adolescence, very characteristic of these rooms.

Rooms for girls 4

There is also no lack of comfort and style: the beds full of cushions and cushions, or the study table next to the window, so that the light enters in large quantities. They are full of small details, stuffed animals, prints and drawings of the ages of the young women who own these rooms.

Rooms for girls 5


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