Library project for solitary readers

In the Lisbon Architecture Triennial held this year 2013, the artist Marta Wengorovius in association with the architect Francisco Aires Mateus presented this project for the construction of a one-person library. Conceived as a minimum space where a person can read in solitude for a certain time and then leave the space for another person. Thus an indefinite succession of people can enjoy reading in solitude for a previously fixed time.

Libraries 1

A simple and minimalist wooden cabin with a gable roof and skylights in it to allow the passage of natural light. When we read our mind flies to distant and imaginary places but in reality our body remains in a kind of vital suspension, the brain takes over and becomes the protagonist leaving the body as a mere container. The reading hut thus becomes the bag that covers our body as if we had returned to the womb.

Libraries 2

Marta invited twenty people to choose 60 books that are the reading background of the small reading booth. The cabin was opened for the first time in Paredes, Portugal, then moved to the capital, Lisbon. The interested persons had to previously choose a time section to devote to reading inside the cabin.

Libraries 3

The artist wants to move her project to other countries so that other people can enjoy this quiet reading away from everything that usually surrounds us and constrains us.

Libraries 4

The act of reading becomes that intimate act that must be and that not everyone is able to enforce. The mundane and family obligations sometimes prevent us from enjoying that time that we all need for reading alone. That communion with oneself that is carried out by reading the words of another and focusing only on it, without interference or distractions.


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