Let yourself be seduced by the 'shabby chic'

We can say that the style shabby chic It is a quite eclectic style in the sense that it allows us to combine more modern elements with old ones without losing part of its original spirit. These combinations, in fact, mark all the character of the shabby , a tendency born in the heat of the great English country houses in an intuitive way, adapting a bit to the decorative needs and to the taste of the owners of these little houses with so much charm.

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Another factor that determines this style is the predominance of pastel colors, voluptuous fabrics and the constant presence of flowers, either as an integral part of the designs or distributed in multiple vases. Fabrics and antique furniture are part of the scenario of an expression that tends to frame the female market for its volumes and designs in pink, but that is not exclusive to it, because, as always, it can be adapted to the taste of each which one.

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The style shabby It has many similarities with the vintage, the use of antique furniture and an innate tendency towards more retro perspectives, as is evident in many of the images that accompany this post.

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It also has a lot to do with the rustic charm of the country houses and farms, although it transcends a bit the apparent roughness of the rustic to reveal itself as a style full of subtle details and delicate lines.

In the image above we can see an example of cooking shabby with modern elements, while in the next image the shabby it would be purer.

Decorate shabby chic-06 style

Decorate shabby chic-07 style

In the bedroom, we see, it is perhaps where the shabby chic he is at ease and shines with all the strength of his proposal: there is no lack of ruffles, silky fabrics, pastel-colored surfaces and furniture-relics full of reliefs and recesses.

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Photos: arqsco.blogspot.com; welke.nl; decoraxpoco.blogspot.com

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