Let's remove the wallpaper

If you want to change your wallpaper and do not know how to remove the old paper. Or you just want to remove it to paint your walls, here we leave you some useful tips to remove the wallpaper.


Let's start ...
You must wet a sponge or a rag well and soak the paper well. If it does not take off easily, you can add some product to the water for this purpose that is purchased at hardware stores or paint shops.
You should help with a spatula, or similar item, to remove the paper, keeping it in place so as not to damage the plaster.
For washable wallpapers, you should scrape the wall with a spatula that has saw teeth; then you must wet the paper with water and remove it with a smooth spatula.
For painted vinyl papers: in the corners closest to the floor you should start by separating the upper layer from the lower one and then proceed to remove the paper from the bottom up. Then, you should remove the lower cpa like ordinary paper.
With glass sandpaper, you should smooth the wall so that there is no remnant of the old paper. Your wall is now ready to start again!
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