Let's decorate with blackboards

In addition to practices, blackboards They can be a good decorative element anywhere in the house. We are talking about large pieces of slate that can serve as a decorative background in spaces as unique as the receiver , a terrace or a room . Surely in the kitchen More than one reader of this blog has any to point out such important things on a day-to-day basis as the shopping list. Others maybe until now you had not thought about giving it a use inside the home ... but here we bring some proposals to encourage you.

Decorate with blackboards 1

We can choose between blackboards to write and erase, very useful when it comes to pointing out what we do not want to forget. We already said it before: ingredients or food that are missing in the pantry, some small arrangement that has to be done in the house, send a loving message to the couple and the family, write a phrase every day that motivates us ... but we can also buy a blackboard already drawn, and whose drawings can not be erased. It will be more decorative, in the way that paintings, murals and framed drawings are.

Decorating with whiteboards 2

Decorating with blackboards 3

And, if that is the case and we have the home Office , these slates that occupy a whole wall are the maximum resource for our work. Indispensable, they will make the task easier for us.

Decorating with blackboards 4

The artists of the house can try to give these slates a more artistic use, creating on their surface drawings, poems, lyrics ... maximum inspiration.

Decorating with whiteboards 5

A magnificent proposal is that of headboard background formed by this blackboard. The final contribution to the room is fun, artistic and also elegant.

Decorating with whiteboards 6

As well abroad Blackboards can be very useful. Here you have it, a terrace full of inscriptions along with a beautiful gardening decoration:

Decorating with whiteboards 7

Photos: homeanddecor.com

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