Leopard print for the wall

Animal prints are everywhere, from clothes and shoes to handbags and other accessories. Of all of them, the leopard print is the most popular. Why not decorate your walls too? Finding the way to make leopard prints on your walls is quite easy and above all, do not be scandalized, it is possible. It seems a somewhat outlandish idea and doomed to failure but none of that, stay with us and you'll see that you can include animal prints on your walls without your house looking like "The House of Horrors".

Animal print on the walls 1

To be successful in decorating the walls with leopard print it is essential to follow the following guidelines:

The size of the room is an important factor to take into account, we can not fill the entire space with dark spots, especially if it is a small room, it would be overwhelming. If the space is limited, it should not even occupy a whole wall, the stamping should be reduced to only one part. In addition, the size of the spots must be considerably larger than the natural design. A few spots grouped on one part of the wall will be enough to create the contrast. You can also make shapes with the pattern, hearts, circles or whatever you like.

The colors they should not be limited to imitating the originals, yellow, black, brown. On the contrary, be creative and play with colors that are in the palette of the room.

Animal print on the walls 2

Self-validate , at all times, both in the design phase and in the realization phase. It is a striking design that must be handled with great care, it will always be better to stay short than exceed.

DIY , it is a simple design that you can easily perform. Gather paint, rollers, sponge and some paintbrushes and launch yourself, it is a magnificent weekend project.

Animal print on the walls 3

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