LED tables: a design lighting

The latest in lighting of spaces These design tables are equipped with a light system inside. The result of this work is surprising and very effective: the tables shine, creating an exquisite atmosphere around them. This type of lighting is the latest scream in restaurants, hotels, clubs and design bars.

Illuminated design tables-01

The German firm Moree of objects and furniture design is responsible for marketing in several countries this furniture so incredible and unique in its kind. The interior of these tables is reinforced with LED ( "Light-Emitting Diode" ) or, what is the same, light emitters that are also low energy consumption.

Illuminated design tables-02

Illuminated design tables-03

Its double function is clear: illuminate and serve as a support as a normal table. The light it emits is totally harmless. The material used is plastic, which achieves that special and sophisticated texture, resulting in a decorative object of the most novel.

Illuminated design tables-04

Illuminated design tables-05

They are also indicated to illuminate gardens and terraces and for shop windows. It has a multi-color technology and a remote control from which we can change to the color that most suits us at that moment of the entire visual spectrum, or put it in "alternate mode" and let the table change its color progressively, giving it A lot of magic to the environment.

Illuminated design tables-06

Illuminated design tables-07

Photos: agroterra.com t; archiexpo.es

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