LED lighting for living rooms and dining rooms

The led lights they are already a solid option to illuminate the interior and also the exterior spaces of the home. More and more people know them and choose them to integrate into their home. From kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, passing through terraces, LED lights can be combined with the most classic lighting and serve as support for it, or be one hundred percent protagonists to give a special light to the home. Today we bring examples of living rooms and dining rooms illuminated with the LED lighting system .

LED lighting 1

LED lights are available in different colors, although the most common are the classic white lights or blue lights, which give a special intensity to the environment, although there are other options such as pink or violet that also start to be quite common. Incorporated behind the sofas or integrated in the ceiling, these lights create a different decoration, and solidly complement the most common light options.

LED lighting 2

One of its strong points, besides its very personal light, is the fact of being of low consumption, which favors energy saving at home. In addition, we can regulate them to lower or raise the intensity, depending on the time of day that we are or our personal tastes.

Proposal of white LED lights to completely illuminate the living room, favoring its modern and sober appearance. In this case, the LED lights have been placed on the ceiling and on the surface of the main furniture, where the television rests:

LED lighting 3

This other proposal takes as its main color blue to create a unique atmosphere and illuminate the staircase in this avant-garde scenario:

LED lighting 4

Finally, we see this combination of white and blue LED that highlights all dining and living areas, integrating both environments uniformly and achieving a sublime luminous intensity:

LED lighting 5

It is clear that the LED represents a more interesting and attractive option for our house, and will continue to evolve to offer many more interesting proposals.

Photos: builderscrack.co.nz; decoration0.com

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