Learning to use colors to decorate - Part Two

The colors that we will use at home, in the office, wherever we need them are all a theme.
We started a few days ago to develop the theme of colors and how to learn to use them. Well, today we bring you the second part.


Knowing how to decorate well and with style with colors is practically as important as cooking well and elaborately.
We must learn when it is convenient for us to use warm colors, when cold ones and when neutral ones. And for this we must also be very clear about the meaning of each of those colors that we intend to use. In the previous post we saw what the colors black, gray, white, naraja yellow and red meant. Today we will finish with the group and we will see what the colors pink, purple, blue, turquoise, verda and brown mean.
7- Brown : transmits tranquility, stability and a lot of security.
8- Green : transmits tranquility, harmony and empowers personal self-control.
9- Rosa : essentially represents the feminine side. But in turn, calmness is attributed to it and it is very stimulating.
10- Purple : represents the active, nervous, cautious and very intuitive person.
11- Blue : this color favors concentration and calmness. It's very relaxing.
12- Turquoise : it's refreshing and relaxing.
We hope you have learned to use colors. We leave you more examples of decoration with colors.









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