Learning to use colors to decorate - Part One

The colors in the decoration, a special and essential theme. So much so that it is very important to know how to use them and know what each of them means.


The colors can be classified in cold, warm and neutral colors. Each group has its particular characteristics.

But at the time of using them or choosing them for the decoration of an environment it is not enough to know what kind of color it is or its characteristics. It is also necessary to know that they are affected by light (illumination) and the direction of it.
It is necessary to have this very clear at the time of beginning with the decoration of a house and even if we are building our home from scratch. The choice of colors will be a consequence of the conjunction of all the above.
In places or rooms with low levels of lighting, the strongest colors look more intense and therefore seem warmer. That makes them appropriate.
On the other hand, the warm and clear colors are those that give us a sense of closeness while the cold and dark give us the feeling of distance.
The above provokes two conclusions that we develop with examples. A light color on the stairs of our home can be relaxing and inspiring, instead a lobby or reception with a stronger and dark color will cause us curiosity and interest to see it at first. It will capture all our attention.
When we have houses or rooms in which the ceiling is very high, it is convenient that we choose a warmer and darker colo since that way we will approach the ceiling, it will look lower. On the other hand, if the room is not very big but rather small, we should paint with cold and clear colors that will give us more depth in sight. Something that is also used in those cases are the mirrors.
Now, we have not yet seen what each color means, then let's start ...
1- Black : it implies melancholy, elegance, distinction.
2- Gray : it also implies melancholy, but at the same time balance and elegance.
3- White : it gives us the sensation of softness and tranquility.
4- Yellow : is the color that stimulates logical thinking and represents joy.
5- Orange : represents someone cheerful, extroverted, optimistic and above all dynamic.
6- Red : represents someone also active, warm, but passionate (love) and very extroverted.

We leave you some pictures of different decorations with very interesting color combinations to analyze them ...









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