Learn to use candles at home

Decorating with candles is an option that many people consider. It is simple, economical and very nice to have a few lit candles near us. But do we know how to use candles? That is another question, we are usually attracted by a candle for its design or its aroma and we buy it, we take it home and we turn it on. Everything is ready? I think that is what we all know but there are some rules to follow to make better use of that candle we have bought and the general use of candles in decoration.


If you like to decorate your home with candles, here are some tips that will allow you to enjoy them more:

  1. Before lighting a candle cut the wick until it protrudes about 5-6 mm from the wax. The manufacturers usually always leave an excess of wick out of the candle. And this excess wick if we burn it produces too much smoke and makes the wax burn unevenly, you can still fix it by turning off the wick and carefully removing the excess wick burned with a paper.
The first time you light a candle, leave it like that for a couple of hours. It will have formed a sufficient area of ​​melted wax that the next time you light it will allow the wick to burn evenly. If you extinguish the candle before an hour the area of ​​melted wax is very narrow and when you turn it on again it will not have enough space and it will burn badly. Do not place aromatic candles in the dining room or where you are going to eat. They are a great distraction for your sense of smell and taste. The last rule is about the basic safety of the use of candles: never leave a lit candle unattended.


Normal and aromatic candles can be used at the same time. Everything depends on the preferences of each one. Some are pleasing to the eye because of the warmth of their light and the others leave a soft aroma that is pleasant. As you know there are candles of all prices, some very cheap, it is better to opt for quality candles, even if they cost a little more, because their duration is longer and the experience with them is always more rewarding.

Photos: hudsongracesf.com

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