Learn to design and decorate your home online - Part I

You do not know how to decorate your house? It is difficult to imagine preparing an environment and what to touch? Well today we present a solution to all your problems.
From home and without spending a penny on professionals who help you, you can assemble the decoration yourself. With just one click, you'll be giving shape to your next home decor. What you need is a computer or laptop by hand and an internet connection.
Through this application you can design and decorate any room in the house, selecting and changing how many times you want furniture, ornaments, colors, sizes. etc.

Learn to design and decorate your home online

The web you must enter to use this application is: http://mydeco.com/plan-my-room/
Let's start using it:
First step : you must press the button that says "Get Started" and start waiting for all the tools of the application to load completely.
Second step : the first window that will open, is that of an invitation to make a design corresponding to a time or characteristic event of the year. If you do not want to participate in it, press the button to close the window ("Close").
Third step : when you close it, another window will open with the first instructions, in three steps, to start designing your room. There you must press the "Get Started" button.
Fourth step : then you will find yourself in the "Templates" window (templates) to start creating your room. You can: a- create a new room with "Create new room" providing the measurements of width ("width"), length ("length") and height of the ceiling ("room height"); b- choose a predetermined room in its measurements, and empty, so you can decorate it to your liking in "Empty room shapes" (empty room with several shapes).
Fifth step : with the shape and measurements of the selected room, you will go to the "Build" screen.
Here you will have to choose the specifications of the openings that your room presents.
Select walls and alcoves ("walls and alcoves"), doors ("doors"), windows ("windows") and entrances ("doorway"). Opt for all the alternatives that are presented to you, as you navigate through each item.
Each item you choose you must drag it, with the right mouse button pressed, to the room and drop it, placing it on the wall you want or that you already have pre-established. (The selection will light).
Sixth step : Next you will go to the "Furnish" window with the options to furnish your room.
Here you will have many alternatives to choose: With patience and dedication you must enter each one, to decide:
1- "Seating" (seats) will have to select chairs (chairs), chairs with armrests (armchairs), benches, puffs, sofas, sofa-beds and stools.
2- "Tables & Desks" (tables and desks): you will find coffee tables (coffee tables), for dining rooms (dining tables), desks (desks) and bedside tables (bedside chests).
3- "Beds" (beds): double beds, single beds and cots.
4- "Storage" (wardrobes): wardrobes (wardrobes), libraries (bookcases), shelves (shelves), among others.
5- "Accesories" (accessories): art (art), plants (plants), cushions (cushions), mirrors and picture frames (mirrors and picture frames), carpets (rugs) and many other objects.
6- "Appliances and equipment": television sets and audio equipment (audio visual), computers, computers, appliances, fixtures, fireplaces and radiators.
7- "Lighting" (lighting): from floor lamps to ceiling chandeliers (ceiling lamps), through table lamps and wall lights.
You must drag all the chosen ones to your room.

to be continue….

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