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Combining prints in the same decoration can be a challenge when our knowledge in this regard is limited. We will try to alleviate this with a series of tips that surely will go very well to create elegant and sophisticated decorations. Although in reality there is no such thing, with these simple tips that we will show you below and a bit of common sense anyone can throw themselves into the ring and combine prints like a professional.

How to combine patterns 1

Decoration professionals recommend following a simple rule regarding the proportions of each pattern that we add to a decoration. So they talk about the rule of 60/30/10 with what they mean we have to use 60% of the print that we like, 30% of the next and finally 10% of the last one that will act as an accent to add contrast .

How to combine patterns 2

Repeating color in the different patterns will create a bond that will allow us to make risky combinations without fear of being wrong.

How to combine patterns 3

We not only have to play with the prints of the fabrics, we must also use the designs of the carpets, tables or any other piece of furniture or covering.

How to combine patterns 4

Another aspect to take into account is the size of the pattern that forms each print, so we will start from the largest and we will go down in the other reasons we choose.

How to combine patterns 5

As we have highlighted on several occasions we must not start from a large budget, with a small one we can also combine prints as we have the used cushions that allow us to change any decoration for very little.

How to combine patterns 6

In the image above it might seem that the pillow with floral motif is somewhat out of place but if you look closely we will see that the bluish gray color of its lines combine with the fabric of the sofa. It clearly acts as a point of rupture and union at the same time.

How to combine patterns 7

The wallpaper should also respect the above detailed rules. Especially the norm of the size of the motive, it should not coincide with the size of any other stamping of the room. In the upper bedroom we see that the largest print size corresponds to the quilt, the intermediate to the wallpaper and the smaller to the curtain.

How to combine patterns 8

But not all combinations of prints should be done with strong colors, motives and low contrast colors are perfectly acceptable. It is a simpler and perhaps easier way to combine patterns but respecting the advice so far detailed.

How to combine patterns 9

When we use very striking prints we must leave spaces for the rest of the view. In the upper image, the reverberation of the wall and the gray sofa are those parts of the decoration that allow to rest the view of the powerful prints of the fabrics of the living room.

Photos: bhg.com

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