Learn how to store your bicycle at home

Are you passionate about cycling and can not separate yourself from your bike? Or do you simply live in an apartment in the city and have no other place to store your means of transport? Whatever the reason, here are a few ideas so that climbing the bike home does not mean having a junk in between. You can and should integrate something as our own as the bicycle we use daily in the general decoration of our house. In the following pictures you will see how to store the bicycle at home can also be an important decorative action.


As you will see throughout the article there is not a single way to install a bicycle in any room of the house or in corridors and corridors. The solutions are varied and will depend on our taste and budget.


There are hangers designed by young authors expressly with this mission. Usually they are elements that integrate very well and in many cases they do not give a concrete track of their use when the bicycle is not hanging in them.


There are also creative solutions based on the use of recycled materials and once again we have the pallets here, fulfilling the mission of keeping bicycles in order.


The roof is a good place to hang the bicycle when there is not enough space in the house. We will find several systems specifically designed for the effect and that are easy to handle.


This system hardly gives any clue to its use when there is no bicycle hanging, it is colorful and occupies very little space. A very original and fun idea to store several bicycles.


Using an old handlebar can be a very successful way to hang our bike and the arrangement in front of the window highlights the silhouette of the device.



The number of solutions to cover this small problem that can represent saving the bicycle at home is very broad and we can find solutions that fit our decorative style.



From the simplest to the most sophisticated, you will surely find your perfect solution to integrate that important part of you, like your bicycle, into the decoration of your home. We achieve what we so often emphasize, customize the decoration of our house is the most important action we can carry out for its improvement.


If you do not want to have your bike exposed you can always enable or buy a wardrobe specifically for it. It is another option as valid as any other.



But if you are very proud of your bike, you would rather expose it, for this a large frame can be an ideal complement.


The balcony of the house is a typical place to store bicycles but if your balcony is well decorated the bike will stand out and look much more.

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