Learn how to design and decorate your home online - Part II

A few days ago we began to show you the web page where you can learn to design and decorate your home long before deciding what to buy or what style to follow.

Learn to design and decorate your home online

The address you must enter to use this fabulous application is: http://mydeco.com/plan-my-room/

Today we leave the second part of the steps to learn how to use it. Seventh step : going to the next window, "Decorate" (decoration), you can choose color schemes (color schemes) for your floors and walls.
You can choose the type of coating you want for each of them, browsing in "paints" (paints), "wallpapers" (wallpaper), "carpets" (carpets), "tiles" (tiles). Drag the chosen ones to your room.
Eighth step : to change the orientation of the selected objects, you must click on the symbol that accompanies the object and, with the right mouse button pressed, rotate it and locate it by aligning it with the other objects in the room or with the walls.
Nineth step : to see the result in 3D, you must click on the camera that is in the room, and you will see in the box called "camera", the different predetermined views (from the "door 1" or "door 2" doors) "); from random corners ("ramdom corners"); from the roof or from the default view ("default").
You will see the results obtained, as you change the views.
Tenth step : if you want to enlarge a view, you must click on the button called "Bigger and better" (big and better).
Eleventh step : you can save the image of your room on your Facebook, by clicking on "Save as". It will give you the option to save it on the Mydeco site, or on your Facebook account.
Tenth second step : to start a new room, click on "New" (new) and "Open" (to open rooms that you have already built on the site).
Some tips that you must keep in mind, is that to use the application you have to register to be able to keep the changes you are making. The process is simple, you must enter a username, an email address and a password. From there, the rooms you manufacture will be saved in your account, and you can access them from the "Open" option.
To undo any changes or modifications to your room, you have the option to Undo (undo) in the lower part of the main window.
We hope this tool is useful to you and that you can use it.

Source: www.biensimple.com

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