Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of cement floors

Cement floors, used until now usually in industrial areas and areas of high traffic, have been cast in the decoration of homes. You can find advantages and disadvantages that we have to assess if we plan to install them in our house. The great advantage of the cement floor is its great durability and resistance but also how well it is integrated into a modern and contemporary environment. The disadvantages of this type of floor can be both aesthetic and functional. It is clear that it is a cold soil and that not everyone just likes it.


But better to see them for stays. In the kitchen, its resistance to use will prevail, although it must always be well polished and protected with a suitable varnish so that grease stains do not penetrate the cement.


Also keep in mind that polished cement floors can be slippery in the wet. To avoid this disadvantage, anti-slip epoxy resins are usually used.


In a contemporary design kitchen with a cement floor there should be no problem. It is very suitable and will require very little maintenance provided it has been installed correctly.


Cement is a material that combines very well with wood, for example, although it also looks great with iron.


It can even look good in eclectic environments that combine different types of furniture.


The bathroom is another space in which a cement floor can demonstrate its power. Here, when dealing with a very humid environment, we must bear in mind that the floor must be perfectly sealed and with anti-slip treatment. The sealing, which is achieved with the polishing of cement, is essential to prevent moisture from penetrating and mold may appear. And the anti-slip treatment is also inevitable because in the bathroom it is easy to have water on the floor.


In this bathroom we see one of the typical proposals in which the cement floor is combined with the same wall covering.


You can also make the concrete bathtub to achieve a uniform and minimalist atmosphere.


Here we see the great combination of cement with wood and metal. There is nothing better to create an industrial environment.


In this impressive minimalist bathroom the cement floor helps to be the perfect counterpoint to that uniform whiteness.


The living room or living room may seem an inappropriate place for a cement floor. The truth that warmth does not provide although it is very practical and functional. Its certain coldness can be prevented with a radiant floor installation or a proper use of carpets.


But the cement floor in this room offers us a great game of colors and textures. Sealing and antislip treatment will not be as important as in bathrooms and kitchens, although we should not neglect them if we have children or elderly people in the house.


In this open floor the cement floor contributes to unite the different zones and form a uniform set.


We can opt for uniform and smooth cement floors or with a variation of color and texture that will allow us to create the environment we dream of.


In the rest of the house we can also make use of this type of flooring. The hall and corridors are an area of ​​high traffic that will gladly receive a cement floor.


Also in the room can be used but as we said before the living room will have to prevent its coldness.


Cement floors are another option to take into account to cover our floors. Now it is in full fashion and although they have their advantages and disadvantages we must value them personally.

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