Laundry room, a place to decorate

Laundry room, a place to decorate 1

If we often forget decorate the bathroom , which is a place of passage, what can we expect from the laundry room or laundry that is usually set aside and what is very common to use as a warehouse or warehouse? Well of everything ...
This space also requires attention, and has the advantage that it is not necessary to make major changes to integrate it into the decoration.
In general it must be in order and have a good distribution so that it allows you to do the job comfortably. It is advisable to add some shelves or a piece of furniture, near your washing center, so that you can place the items you use frequently, such as detergent, softener, bleach, etc.
If it is not enough, you can gain space up with a shelf of several levels, this way this room will be enlarged.
You can give your personal touches with some accessories that you want to add, but it is very important that you always maintain order.
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