Laundries for contemporary style homes

Maybe you think that fit a laundry room In your contemporary style home, it can be difficult. With these laundries for contemporary houses that we show you here you can see that you can install without problems a laundry room in the most modern loft you can imagine. You just have to be inspired by the style of the rest of the house and choose the right appliances.


Here we have a good example, order, cleanliness and elegance are its characteristics. You can also close the panels and nobody will know what's behind them. A magnificent laundry room for an open space that allows concealment without any problem.


A sober laundry room that follows the premise of the house and therefore is based on the color white. The appliances have also been chosen in the same color to create a neutral space.


This small open laundry room is well delimited and hardly consumes space. Ideal for a single house or a student apartment.


Luxurious, it is the least that can be said of this elegantly appointed laundry room. It has an urban and sophisticated air.


Another example of open concept laundry. Although this time is in sight, its visual impact is low because it follows the decoration of the rest of the house and the appliances are the same color as the furniture or white.


A current and eclectic space that is based on the use of textures and colors. A different laundry decorated with love and in a very personal way.


This blue laundry revolves glamor on all four sides. Fantastic the contrast between the retro air environment and supermodern appliances.


Especially when you have to share space with the kitchen is interesting that the laundry is completely hidden. Here we have a magnificent example with white paneling.


This white laundry with blue plated front will fit well in a house decorated in Nordic or minimalist style and actually in almost any contemporary style.


This laundry room is modern but has a retro touch that makes it different. The red appliances, the checkered floor are what give us that feeling.


The bathroom is also often a place where laundry is often included, especially if we are talking about apartments or small houses. This laundry has an undeniable masculine air and occupies very little space.


A nice mix of contemporary elements and classic appliances but very modern appearance. A very good combination.


Neutral tones, white and gray, and elegant but discreet style. A laundry room that will fit well in any house decorated in contemporary style.


This laundry room also has an elegant and fun air at the same time thanks to the combination of gray and yellow. Futuristic design appliances become a central element of design.

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