Last generation PVC openings

The doors and sales of a home are our link with the outside world. Your choice depends on many factors. Finding all the answers of the same material was an inconvenience until the arrival of the PVC.


The openings in PVC, are the solution to many of our problems in openings.
This noble material acts as a thermal barrier for its composition and, in combination with the DVH (double hermetic glaze), prevents the transfer of temperature between the outside and inside, achieving maximum savings in air conditioning. In addition, using special glasses will easily achieve acoustic insulation. As for the design, the PVC presents a wide variety of colors and finishes, including the wood simil in different shades, especially for fans of the texture and warmth of the wood, so difficult to maintain in good condition in our climate, as it is "zero" maintenance solution. Another important detail is that the openings have a double seal, which keeps drafts away from air and dust.
In addition, they have multiple opening possibilities. Something very important is that these openings have components with titanium dioxide, which reflects the ultraviolet rays, preventing the drying of the plastic. Also, the material is difficult to flammable and very resistant to gases, fats, oils, and other corrosive components. Another advantage of these doors and windows is its anti-theft finish, with special door hardware and window profiles configured to incorporate additional closing measures. The placement is fast, and above all very simple. In the field of costs, they are accessible and equivalent to Premium aluminum carpentry. PVC, the latest in openings.
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