Large lamps for optimal lighting

Have at home large lamps it is still a widely used resource for optimize the lighting of the spaces. With a larger lamp we will have guaranteed a quality light to see better, without losing detail. There are them for all tastes, in all styles. Let's know a few more ideas.

Lamps as decorative objects 1

If, for example, what we want is to illuminate a dining room table or lounge, there is more to place a good lamp with its corresponding bulb (and its good power, of course, it does not make much sense to use a huge lamp to be almost in the penumbra) on the surface. The most used lamps are hanging lamps, which are easy to install and fit very well in almost all spaces.

Depending on the style or trend of our home, we will opt for more classic or more sophisticated models, such as these beautiful lamps that hang with harmony and delicacy on this room:

Lamps as decorative objects 2

And what about these clone lamps, with a unique retro style for this office of cooking. They are the most personal counterpoint to a simple and rustic general appearance:

Lamps as decorative objects 3

For this Victorian kitchen, very vintage, these beautiful candle holders are a great idea. Its main contribution is decorative, since they are complemented with the recessed and halogen lights of the ceiling:

Lamps as decorative objects 4

Again, a pair of retro lamps are a very interesting option to illuminate the table of the office or personal office and to work comfortably:

Lamps as decorative objects 5

Finally, this lamp chosen as a curiosity, since it is still the typical flexo for study table, but built on a higher scale. A brilliant idea to illuminate the work table in this industrial design loft, full of surprising details:

Lamps as decorative objects 6


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