Lanterns: ideas for outdoor lighting

The lantern constitutes the system of external lighting more employed Its interior can hold a light bulb or a candle. It will depend on the model and the type of lighting we are looking for. But the truth is that the light that emanates from these lanterns is as magnetic as hypnotic, and builds atmospheres full of evocations, shadows and suggestive shadows. They mark us the way in the dark, illuminating the obstacles, or highlight those corners that immediately fill with darkness when night falls.

Outdoor lanterns 1

Each bluff model has different qualities that make it special: glass lanterns that keep a dim flame inside, lamps that fill the exterior of the house with an intense and firm light, designs decorated with reliefs that transmit a glow of firefly ... Each corner requires a different type of lighting and each lantern responds to this need in a different way.

Outdoor lanterns 2

Outdoor lanterns 3

Outdoor lanterns 4

The hand-crafted lanterns, built in wood, present all the charm of another era. The metal ones are the most suitable to put candles inside. They are fresh and elegant, very suitable also for centerpieces. The Moroccan style, wood or metal, full of lattices, have a unique personality.

Outdoor lanterns 5

Outdoor lanterns 6

Outdoor lanterns 7

As for the shape, we can find them hexagonal, rectangular, round ... in a thousand different ways, some of them to carry in the hand and go lighting the way to others. Ideas to light your house and your garden in a way as economical as practical.

Outdoor lanterns 8

Outdoor lanterns 9


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