Ladders, large shoe organizers

Over time, a ladder that we no longer use can be converted into a decorative accessory or a useful object for the house. One of these great transformations is to use a old stair as shoe organizer . It is a DIY idea that will help us to install the footwear in a visible place, and also doing it in a genuine way.

Stairs as organizers 1

For those who have a lot of shoes at home or are followers of vintage, this idea will be the most practical.

Stairs as organizers 2

Our most beloved shoes will be exposed as in a home showcase, well in sight for those days that we walk in a hurry. In addition, they will always be efficiently ordered by pairs.

Stairs as organizers 8

Stairs as organizers 3

Depending on the type of ladder, we will have the possibility to organize more or less shoes in an original way and much more fun. The ladder that can serve us for this purpose can be wood, iron, steel or any other material that is properly preserved despite the time.

Stairs as organizers 4

Stairs as organizers 6

Whatever the style of your home, surely you will find a small hole to place a ladder and a few shoes in it. The most natural thing is that this shoe organizer is in the room, but we can also place it in the bathroom, in the hall or in the hallway.

Stairs as organizers 5

In this way we add a bit of vintage to the final style of our house and we stand out with an attractive proposal and much more affordable than having to buy another piece of furniture.

Stairs as organizers 7

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