Know the decorative styles for the kitchen

The kitchen is a piece of our home where we spend a lot of time and where the family can meet every day during meals or leisure periods. Having a kitchen to our liking will allow us to better enjoy the art of cooking and the time we can spend with our own, which is always scarce at the time we live. We are going to make a small tour of the different decorative styles in which we can assemble or reform our kitchen. Surely one at least will adapt to our personal style.

Kitchen Styles 1

The style eclectic it allows us to always use the best or what attracts us most of the modern and classic styles. A wise combination of different styles will allow us to create our personal space in the kitchen.

Kitchen Styles 2

The kitchens in style traditional allow the use of industrial style accessories. It is a timeless style that can be easily adapted to current times. The cupboards with the glass front give a feeling of spaciousness.

Kitchen Styles 3

The style rustic or cottage as the anglophones say gives us warmth and self-control. It is a simple style dominated by painted furniture and the use of wood. It has that vintage touch that is so worn now and a very familiar look.

Kitchen Styles 4

The style shaker or artisanal style recalls in a great way the rustic style. What characterizes it especially is the combination of rustic furniture with different appearances. As if it had been furnished in stages.

Kitchen Styles 5

The style contemporary look for functionality and a certain timelessness. It is about decorating our kitchen with what is necessary and not getting lost in the frills of magazine covers.

Kitchen Styles 6

The style tuscan is inspired by the architecture and interior design of that charming Italian region. Traditional wood furniture, tiles, stone and wood are its characteristic elements.

Kitchen Styles 7

A kitchen inspired by the decorative styles of the old world It transforms into a luxurious and sophisticated space. Wooden furniture in classic European style are combined with accessories and fabrics of the same origin to make the kitchen a very special place.

Kitchen Styles 8

In style modern the straight lines and the absence of ornaments in the furniture predominate. What matters is the functionality and purity of lines.

Kitchen Styles 9

In style Romantic the kitchen is transformed into a space where the visual predominates. It has a rustic air for the type of furniture that is used but with greater ornamental richness. It is a style in which appearance and glamor predominate.


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